The Fintech Era of GCC – driving change from the legacy system to a tech-enabled future

The dawn of innovation and opportunity started in the GCC! From the futuristic city of Dubai to the shores of Bahrain, innovation in fintech is growing every year exporting revolutionary ideas from lending to insurance tech making GCC the new Silicon Valley incubator of financial technology. 

In this episode, we will discuss how what are the change drivers in the GCC, how the start-ups managed to implement tech-enabled ideas, and lead the way from moving towards the future from the legacy system. 

Tune in  to discover: 

  • How is GCC setting the foundation for FinTech Development? 
  • How did start-ups manage the Growing Domestic and Regional Customer Base? 
  • How difficult is it from a regulatory perspective to drive innovation? 
  • How is the AI changing the financial industry? 
  • How is AI helping the KYC process across the region? 
  • How are banks creating innovation internally and align with the increased consumer demands for convenience? How are they using the KYC data to create a better experience for clients? 
  • What are the trends of growth in 2020 and how do we see the future in fintech? 
  • Challenges and opportunities for the fintech innovators? 

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