Ask Google: Top search queries for the year 2016

A current term, one may have heard is “ask Google,” or “google is your friend.” Indeed, people do pause to do a quick research on a topic area, search for a destination, among other services one uses Google for. So the year in review for 2016 search queries, will help one reflect on the trends and queries on Google Search engine.

From the searches of Pokémon numbers, iPhone 7, search for comments made by Donald Trump, the prince, and the Powerball, people seek to learn and understand given of how they have been affected.

We at the end of the year and to celebrate, Google published the top trends of 2016 based on Global search and per countries with a list on

Top searches from Global scale are, Pokémon Go in #1, where game lovers query the search engine with keywords how according to Google. In anticipation, and after the release of the iPhone 7, was at number #2. While, the controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump, was at number #3. And search for music icon Prince at #4, with Powerball been a hot topic in around the globe at #5. This searches touched our lives in one way or the other, around the world, and we are looking, forward to the searches in the year 2017.