From global analysis on business transformation practices, COVID best strategies to help your business grow to the future money, Business Transformation Explained webinar series is bringing together industry experts to analyse & educate on how to implement change. Our host, Daniel Solomon, CEO of EROE together with our partners explore the complex journey to business transformation together with global experts.
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January 2021 debuted with a never-seen before event on the stock markets: an internet group of traders socializing on the popular online-hang-out Reddit rallied together into the short-squeeze of the decade by changing the value of the GameStop stock literally overnight.
The shocking impact on Wall Street and the popular trade platform took the internet by storm. The Reddit Precedent creates a new perspective over the way markets work
In this episode of Business Transformation Explained that aired live on 27th January 2021, Microsoft expert, ex-Careem and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs joined the virtual stage for an edition packed with lively discussion on what changed in entrepreneurship after 2020 and where is the ecosystem heading in 2021.
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#RESTART2021 – The Start of The New Era of Innovation
2020 has been the year that confronted many industries with the urgency of change and transformation. Simultaneously, the crisis that paralyzed the world offered incredible opportunities for innovation and game changing transformation at a global level.
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REPLAY NOW: Food for Thought: Innovation Trends in Food Security
Food security innovation is the most complex subject discussed on the public stage that grew to become a priority in the context of a global pandemic. From food sources, technology adoption, policy and ethics, EROE decoded in a 3- part series the complexity of the food security industry and what it means for the future of sustainability, waste impact and global economic development.
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REPLAY NOW: Transforming Health- Technology and Innovation in the health industry
In this exclusive edition of Business Transformation Explained, we explored healthcare technology that is set to revolutionize the global healthcare systems and access to medical care by leveraging innovation and data. In 2020 remote healthtech became a fast-adopted vertical within the broader healthcare sector, responding to a fast change in care access in the context of a global pandemic that paralyzed the healthcare function. Health innovation proves to be a game-changer in providing patients faster, cheaper, and more accessible care, diagnosis, and lifestyle services, generally, outside of a clinical setting. The Covid19 global pandemic has revealed the acute need for more affordable and innovative healthcare solutions at a global level.
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REPLAY NOW: Innovation made in GCC – Smart Tech for Food Security
In this exclusive edition of Business Transformation Explained, we explored the technology aspect of food production, smart farming, food waste management and the ethical challenges we face together with a stellar panel of experts.

GCC is set to become the biggest exporter of food tech start-ups globally. With a natural environment that invites innovation and solution-oriented thinking, GCC is leading the way in fostering an ecosystem for food tech, agritech, and smart farming.
With a global pandemic that dominated the year, food tech investments are on the rise, backed by accelerators and Government initiatives.
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REPLAY NOW: The Fintech Era of GCC – driving change from the legacy system to a tech-enabled future
In this episode of Business Transformation Explained we are joined by Triska Hamid, Editorial Director at Wamda, Jon Edward Santillan founder of Denarii Cash and Milind Singh founder of rise and XARE in a thought-provoking discussion about the fintech industry of GCC.
Replay Now: The Future of Food Security and the role of technology in tackling Food Waste
In this session organized in partnership with Grant Thornton, we addressed the topics around regional self-sufficiency in food supply and food security as well as sustainable agriculture. From the perspective of food waste, this session will also explore the issue of food waste inside supermarkets, the behaviors, and systems leading to the waste, and technological solutions to tackle these pressing challenges.
Episode 3
Decoding the Future of Money: Banking Without Banks
In this episode of “Business Transformation Explained” we sit down with top personalities from fintech and digital assets space and we discuss the culture of money.

Money is personal! Banking should be too! Banks are part of our lives but what if the future can be imagined in a bankless world? Could banking without banks become the new normal or it will just remain in a utopian reality imagined by futurists? Could we get creative in transacting value without the limiting systems of banks? How banks are meeting the future halfway?
Decoding Culture of Money
In this episode of “Business Transformation Explained” we sit down with top personalities from fintech and digital assets space and we discuss the culture of money.

How do we change the future of money? We start by understanding the culture of money! Culture and region influence financial decisions, businesses and financial growth. Attitudes towards money shape money behaviour, but the relationship varies depending on the type of financial behaviour we see in different parts of the world.
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