Replay Now: The Future of Food Security and the role of technology in tackling Food Waste

In this session organized in partnership with Grant Thornton, we addressed the topics around regional self-sufficiency in food supply and food security as well as sustainable agriculture. From the perspective of food waste, this session will also explore the issue of food waste inside supermarkets, the behaviors, and systems leading to the waste, and technological solutions to tackle these pressing challenges. 

Hear Jude Hamod, Head of Business Development at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park and George Stoyanov Partner Grant Thornton discuss: 

  • What is food security and how is it economically impacting the country?   
  • What do you see as the main challenges to food security for a global population heading towards 9 billion by 2050?  
  • What types of technology can help farmers in GCC countries to meet these challenges?  
  • How do we ensure these technologies are accessible to farmers? Do you have any good examples of this?  
  • The COVID effect, On the subject of self-sufficiency: What is the best way to prompt the culture of producing locally, turning more people into sustainable farmers and how will this help improve the overall supply chain?  
  • The role of innovation created by farms: how are farms innovating? How could we be supportive of farmer-led innovation?  
  • What is the importance of food quality on consumer perceptions of food security?  
  • How do we go beyond price, which is said to be a signal for food insecurity and availability of food to educate consumers and the problems in the food system, such as waste?  
  • How do we create more conscious buyers, to help respond to food security beyond price? Do consumers have a part to play in reducing the food waste mandate of 2030?


GEORGE STOYANOV – Partner Grant Thornton 

George is a Partner at Grant Thornton UAE, overseeing the Transformation Advisory practice. He has over 20 years of professional experience within advisory gained across projects in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.  

JUDE HAMOD – Head of Business Development at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park 

Jude Hamod is the Head of Business Development at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. She is responsible for onboarding strategic partners from the private and public sector to advance their innovation strategies, as well as developing the Park’s technology transfer agenda. Jude plays an integral role in supporting companies and SMEs to penetrate the MENA market. 



Daniel Solomon is the CEO and Delivery Advisor of EROE, a business and digital transformation agency with global operations in Dubai, San Francisco, Lagos & Odessa. As a seasoned professional, Daniel is known for driving growth and the employment of strategies that are guaranteeing the success of project delivery. Daniel’s expertise blends leadership, people’s culture, technical skills and practical case studies aimed to help intelligent businesses to grow and change the way world works. Together with a team of experts at EROE, the consulting agency became the business transformation ally for global partners such as Coca Cola, Lexus, Virgin Mobile, Tenaris, LNG, Abdul Latif Jameel and numerous others.