Decoding the Future of Money: Banking Without Banks

Bill Gates once coined the phrase Banking is necessary, Banks are not – which many say paved the way for the first wave of Fintechs.  

In our third instalment of Decoding The Future of Money we are bringing to the hot seat the current banking system, its challenges and how fintech, innovators and technologists are bridging the gap between legacy systems and futurist technologies where value transcends money and banking becomes a personalised experience. 

Join the dialogue between banking and technologists mediated by consumer specialists and innovators to discover: 

  1. What does the future look like for banks? 
  1. Is this the beginning of a massive transformation and how banks can transform themselves? 
  1. How is interoperability solving the gap between banking legacy systems and the newer technologies? 
  1. With interoperability technologies easily available and innovation creating simpler systems, what stops banks from adopting faster tools that are convenient to the day-to-day consumer? 
  1. Is banking going to become a personalised experience, intuitive and  adaptable to every user, feeding off the constant stream of data consumers share every day? 


Sonia Wedrychowicz – Senior Advisor McKinsey

Sonia Wedrychowicz is Senior Advisor in McKinsey’s Dubai office. She is a transformational business and technology leader in transactional and consumer banking, with 25 years of experience across Europe, Asia and USA with passion, high energy and commitment levels, who managed change, innovated and restructured businesses and put them on the path of growth triggered by technology innovation.  


Patrick, Chief Strategy Officer at Securrency,  guides Securrency’s commercial and capital strategy, develops strategic initiatives, oversees marketing and communications activities, and works closely with Securrency’s strategic partners. 

Bill Ashlock  Founder Bosa Advisors

Bill is a Financial Services Executive with technology and transformational leadership and execution experience with organizations ranging from start-ups through large scale multinationals.  Bill has been involved in high-profile banking transformation programs across the world for Citi, ABN Amro, Bank of America, Standard Chartered, ANZ, and DBS, overseeing regional and global businesses in addition to $100m plus transformation programs.  

Patrick Frith – COO Tarabut Gateway  

Patrick has helped to build a variety of businesses across both MENA and EMEA. He is a founding team member of Bud one of the first open banking platforms in EMEA. 



Karem Monem

With over 20 years’ experience on the international stage, working with a variety of multinationals and also startups to provide digital vision and empower internal leadership teams to embrace the digital first culture sweeping the world. Kareem’s ethos is very much on the ‘End User’, believing that Experience is only true differentiator in the Digital world today.


Daniel Solomon

Daniel Solomon is the CEO and Delivery Advisor of EROE, a business and digital transformation agency with global operations in Dubai, San Francisco, Lagos & Odessa. As a seasoned professional, Daniel is known for driving growth and the employment of strategies that are guaranteeing the success of project delivery. Daniel’s expertise blends leadership, people’s culture, technical skills and practical case studies aimed to help intelligent businesses to grow and change the way world works. Together with a team of experts at EROE, the consulting agency became the business transformation ally for global partners such as Coca Cola, Lexus, Virgin Mobile, Tenaris, LNG, Abdul Latif Jameel and numerous others.