#RESTART2021 – The Start of The New Era of Innovation

2020 has been the year that confronted many industries with the urgency of change and transformation. Simultaneously, the crisis that paralyzed the world offered incredible opportunities for innovation and game changing transformation at a global level. 

Business Transformation Explained series analyzed in the last six months various industries trying to decode the future of money, banking, healthcare, and food security. 

A few days before the start of 2021 our expert guests gather in an all-star edition to recap the intersection between industries, impact, case studies, and 2021 predictions. 



Mustafa Y. Koita- Founder & CEO, Koita Food

Entrepreneur Mustafa Y. Koita is founder and CEO of Koita Foods. He founded the organic food company in 2013 with a mission to make healthy food more accessible for families in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) region, a vision that is now set to take the homegrown FMCG brand global in other markets. Koita Foods is sold in 1,000+ retailers across MENASA and other emerging markets with revenue continuing to grow thanks to a buoyant organic, lactose free and non-dairy milk markets. Mustafa leads the strategic vision for the company, developing new product lines, such as the hugely popular Oat milk, a growth opportunity he spotted due to the increasing consumer demand for non-dairy milk alternatives.

Bill Ashlock – Founder of Bosa Advisors

Bill is a Financial Services Executive with technology and transformational leadership and execution experience with organizations ranging from start-ups through large scale multinationals.



Daniel Solomon

Daniel Solomon is the CEO and Delivery Advisor of EROE, a business and digital transformation agency with global operations in Dubai & San Francisco. Daniel’s expertise blends leadership, people’s culture, technical skills and practical case studies aimed to help intelligent businesses to grow and change the way the world works.