Decoding Culture of Money

How do we change the future of money? We start by understanding the culture of money! Culture and region influences financial decisions, businesses and financial growth.  Attitudes towards money shapes money behaviour, but the relationship varies depending on the type of financial behaviour we see in different parts of the world. 

Understanding culturally shaped attitudes to money could help us design better financial literacy programmes.  

Financial literacy remains one of the biggest issues the world faces together with accessibility to cash, credit and trustful payment methods. Literacy and accessibility are the key drivers to a better understanding of how businesses can thrive and evolve and what are the solutions technology can bring to solve the challenges billions of people around the world face everyday. 

A global view on why Africa reportedly prefers to use cash versus other payment methods, why Asia as a whole tends to save and invest more, and how debt has become a trend in the western world will help us define the instruments and innovation that will likely  emerge and be adopted in the years to come.  

Join us on the second episode of  “Decoding the future of money” where we will connect with  top personalities from the fintech and financial services space to  discuss the culture of money, accessibility of value and its impact on innovating the currencies and financial systems globally. 

Our host Daniel Solomon and moderator Bill Ashlock will be joined by their guests on 17th August  2020, starting 1 PM GST for a thought-provoking conversation about the accessibility, cultural attitude towards financial systems, financial literacy and innovation. 

In this session we will discover: 

  1. What is the geographical  and cultural impact on money behaviours? 
  1. What are the dominant social and cultural  attitudes towards financial instruments and debt in today’s society? 
  1. What is the level of Financial literacy globally and what is its impact on the global economy? 
  1. How is the Financial accessibility, value accessibility and  the effects on business ecosystems on emerging markets and their chain of reaction into global markets? 
  1. How culture of money is driving fintech & innovation? 
  1. What are driving-money related innovations?  How are the drivers changing? 
  1. What are the consumer needs that are not yet met when it comes to financial instruments?