REPLAY NOW: Food for Thought: Innovation Trends in Food Security

Food security innovation is the most complex subject discussed on the public stage that grew to become a priority in the context of a global pandemic. From food sources, technology adoption, policy and ethics, EROE decoded in a 3- part series the complexity of the food security industry and what it means for the future of sustainability, waste impact and global economic development. 

The gains of technology can be harnessed in all sectors including food and agriculture to bring about innovative solutions that will be beneficial to consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and the climate as a whole. Considering the natural environmental factors in the GCC and UAE alone, the region is leading the way in fostering an ecosystem for food technology (FoodTech), agricultural technology (Agritech), and smart farming. All these are efforts being made by key stakeholders to create self-sufficiency in local food production. 

In the 3rd installment of our Food Security webinar series we gather industry experts to discuss the food security challenges beyond the borders of the region and have in-depth look at the global innovation trends for 2021.

Our Speakers:

MUSTAFA Y. KOITA – Founder & CEO, Koita Foods

Entrepreneur Mustafa Y. Koita is founder and CEO of Koita Foods. He founded the organic food company in 2013 with a mission to make healthy food more accessible for families in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) region, a vision that is now set to take the homegrown FMCG brand global in other markets. Koita Foods is sold in 1,000+ retailers across MENASA and other emerging markets with revenue continuing to grow thanks to a buoyant organic, lactose free and non-dairy milk markets. Mustafa leads the strategic vision for the company, developing new product lines, such as the hugely popular Oat milk, a growth opportunity he spotted due to the increasing consumer demand for non-dairy milk alternatives.

MARK TESTER – Co-Founder and CSO, Red Sea Farms

Mark Tester is professor of plant science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and co-Founder of Red Sea Farms LLC. In 2019, he was Head of the Food Sector at NEOM. Prior to joining KAUST in February 2013, he was an ARC Federation Fellow and professor of plant physiology at the University of Adelaide, where he established The Plant Accelerator. Previously, he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, where he also received his PhD in 1988. Mark is now enjoying developing saltwater-based agricultural systems, to improve sustainability of food production.


Abdulaziz’s interest in food security began during his time at McKinsey & Co. working extensively with GCC governments addressing a variety of national risk challenges. A serial investor in disruptive technologies (Lyft, Indigo Ag, among others), he is dedicated to addressing the food security challenge. He dedicates time to the region’s food ecosystem as a mentor at Savour Ventures, the Middle East’s first accelerator focused on food.





Daniel Solomon is the CEO and Delivery Advisor of EROE, a business and digital transformation agency with global operations in Dubai & San Francisco