Convenient enterprise management features on Android Oreo 8.0

Google’s new Android Oreo 8.0 has been launched and with it comes some new enterprise functionalities that will increase both productivity and security for organisations. There are numerous enhancements that have been integrated in this operating system; however the main highlights regarding enterprise include Zero-Touch Enrollment, Google Play Protect, and Work Profiles.

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Zero-Touch Enrollment is a new feature in Oreo that aids enterprise management by allowing organisations to deploy corporate-owned Android devices that are already preconfigured to company management settings. The devices are configured online before shipment so employees can use them immediately within the company network. Large scale roll-outs of new devices can be executed quickly, effectively, and securely, making it incredibly seamless for organisations and employees.

Work Profiles

Enterprises can now take advantage of Android Oreo’s Work Profiles feature in corporate-owned devices to segment professional and personal device profiles. A Work Profile lets organisations manage business apps and information while also allowing a user to control everything else on their device. IT administrators can now manage a safe and secure workspace without interfering with employees’ personal information, applications, and accounts. Android has ensured an easy Work Profile setup for users; the short process involves downloading an enterprise mobility management (EMM) app, entering corporate credentials, and then following a setup wizard to set up the Work Profile feature.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a security feature on Android’s Oreo operating system that is always monitoring your device, data, and apps from malware and harmful apps. These safety features, however, are not altogether new to Android – many have been around for years. Thankfully, these features have been re-branded with much fanfare and they have been repositioned to be much more visible on the platform.

With Play Protect, an organisation’s IT department can block potentially harmful apps across the  device or even just within Work Profiles. Due to constant scanning and analysis for unknown or risky software, Play Protect is able to warn the device user and take measures against harmful attacks.   

Google Play Protect also allows safety features to be controlled remotely. By using the ‘Find My Device’ feature, you can locate a mobile device by simply logging into the associated Google account or even calling it from your web browser. Upon accessing the device remotely, it can be secured with a lock code or a message can be displayed on the lock screen with contact information. Additionally, as a final resort, the device can be wiped of all information to prevent sensitive data theft.

With Zero-Touch Enrollment and Work Profiles, Android Oreo 8.0 offers enterprises unprecedented control over company devices and much-awaited ease in regards to device deployment to employees. Also, it is significant to note that the security features of Play Protect are incredibly important, mainly due to the fact that the perception of malware has been a major issue for enterprise companies seeking to adopt the Android platform. The recent release of Android Oreo 8.0 now gives enterprises full-device management, while also allowing users to maintain their own personal information and applications separately. The security and control that is possible on Android Oreo makes it one of the most convenient operating systems to use for improved enterprise management.