Take a look back at 2017’s hot topics and most disruptive technologies…

As 2017  has ended and 2018 is well underway, join us as we reflect back on the last year’s events and gain a broad perspective of what has transpired and what we can expect to see more of this year.

Eroe Consulting offers you a summary of our blogs listed in order of greatest significance. Countdown and read on to find out what we believe to be the most important technological contributions for the year.

#9: The best of GITEX Dubai 2017

This year’s GITEX event held in Dubai presented many new technologies and ideas that will revolutionise our everyday lives. From flying taxis, responsive sunshades, Sophie the robot, and Etisalat’s 5G service to advances in sign language translation, smart immigration tunnels at Dubai Airport, autonomous vehicles, and the newest Blackberry launch, this is a summary of the event highlights.

#8: Do the new Apple products measure up to the competition?

At Apple’s annual product launch, the company announced their new flagship phone, the iPhone X. The phone features new, much anticipated facial recognition technology to unlock the device. They also announced their new Apple TV 4K media streaming device and the new untethered Apple Watch Series 3 amongst other products.

#7: Convenient enterprise management features on Android Oreo 8.0. 

Google’s Android Oreo 8.0 has new enterprise functionalities that increase both productivity and security for organisations. The operating system has numerous enhancements, but the stand-out features are Zero-Touch Enrollment, Google Play Protect, and Work Profiles.

#6: The battle for the best smart home device

 More and more homeowners are now using smart home devices and digital technologies to control and secure their homes. The smart home industry continues to grow year-on-year as consumers use the devices to complement their hi-tech lifestyles. There were many new devices launched to the market this year, the main competitors being the Amazon Echo Plus, Apple HomePod, and Google Home Max.

#5: Are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Here to Stay?

 In our hyper-connected world, digital currency is this year’s new hot topic. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology use the internet to make instant, borderless transactions for goods and services. The market for cryptocurrency and blockchain is growing quickly as international businesses such as J.P. Morgan, Oracle, and IBM find new ways to use the technology.

#4: The pros and cons of using open source technology in your business

 Open source software (OSS) is now being used in numerous different industries ranging from healthcare to tourism. This growing industry, however, is largely unregulated and here we discuss the differences between OSS and proprietary software along with the pros and cons of each, focusing on cost, service, innovation, flexibility, security, usability, and regulation.

#3: Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Our views of the world are literally changing with the advent of new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices. We can now see, play and learn in new and exciting ways. Learn the similarities and differences between the two technologies and find out which one is most likely to succeed in our increasingly dynamic world.

#2: 3D Printing in Today’s World

3D printing has finally broken into the mainstream as advances in the field have made the technology smaller and less expensive. The industry has matured and is being used to advance numerous fields, such as: automotive industry, health and medicine, aeronautics, dentistry, and engineering. 3D printing can save on time, money, wastage and even provide greater flexibility to users.

#1: Autonomous cars – disrupting more than one industry

The autonomous car industry is upon us, and the excitement builds every year as we inch closer and closer to a completely self-driving vehicle. With the likes of automotive giants such as Tesla, Ford, BMW and General Motors and tech leaders such as Google, Intel, Apple, and Uber all venturing into this quickly developing arena, the disruptive reach of this technology goes well beyond the automotive industry.