The best of GITEX Dubai 2017

In case you missed the annual GITEX event held at the Dubai World Trade Centre last week, do not worry – the Eroe Consulting Team was present at this years GITEX. As usual, GITEX has given the region and the world plenty of tech news to be excited about. Governments, companies, and the general public all flocked to the event to catch a glimpse of the latest revolutionary ideas and projects that may well become the norm in the near future.

Here is Eroe’s list of some of the most interesting gadgets and technology that were on display this year:


The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s recently tested and much anticipated autonomous flying taxi was finally put on display to the public. The helicopter, built by German manufacturer Volocopter, recently underwent a successful proof-of-concept test flight in Dubai. The two-seater self-flying vehicle has been developed with the highest safety standards, nine independent battery systems, and optional emergency parachutes. This amazing new product will be powered by clean electricity and will be environmentally friendly. The prototype has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes at average speeds of 50 km/h. The maximum speed at which it can travel right now is 100km/h but these specs will improve as the product continues to be developed.


This particular advancement by ShadeCraft is so useful it makes us wonder why no one has thought of it before! The robotic sunshade follows and automatically adjusts itself according to the path of the sun, ensuring that you are constantly being protected from direct sunlight. Charged by solar power (of course), the product is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, lighting, and speakers. It made its Middle East debut at GITEX this year and is sure to be a popular invention in this sunny region.


Sophie is the name given to the incredibly lifelike robot that uses artificial intelligence to communicate. You speak with the android via a microphone and can hold a simple conversation. Equipped with cameras and various sensors, she detects the person she is talking to and can move her body appropriately in response.


With a live trial of its 5G capabilities, Etisalat displayed record-breaking speeds of 71Gps while demonstrating the use of 5G in healthcare, Ultra High Quality Video and face recognition, amongst other things. 5G is the future of mobile broadband services and will spell out better quality for all internet-connected products and services.   


Envision a glove that can understand the sign language movements of the person who is using it and then translate the movements into Arabic via a connected computer screen. Developed by four Dubai students, the device was brought to GITEX by Dubai Police who is considering using the technology to be able to properly communicate with residents who use sign language.   


Everyone wants to be able to get through immigration lines quickly and efficiently. Dubai Airports announced new Smart Tunnels as the latest advancement in airport passport control. Passengers will only have to walk through a tunnel and the biometric system of the tunnel will do the rest. No need to show passports and the entire process is touted to only take a jaw-dropping 15 seconds.


Still under development, the electric Mercedes F015 was revealed at Etisalat’s GITEX stand this year to an excited crowd. The car is fully autonomous with no steering wheel and speaks to the many developments being made in the region towards autonomous transportation modes. Expect to see this car on the roads in 2023!


And we would be amiss if we did not mention the unveiling of the latest Blackberry phone, the BlackberryMotion. Now with a 5.5 inch touchscreen and a long-lasting battery, this new device also boasts a Locker function that will keep your private files and photos in a folder that can only be unlocked with your fingerprint.

Did you attend GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai? Which gadgets or ideas caught your attention and why? Eroe Consulting would love to hear from you, let us know your thoughts on this event!