How is Lexus Increasing Value Through Digital Transformation

To stay in the forefront of innovation and to better solve their customers needs Lexus Recently upgraded their digital experience. The core objective was to improve the current customer experience, user-experience & provide a mobile-first approach to its end-users.

A few months ago Lexus requested that its existing website ( should be remodeled by Eroe for a distinct online presence that will improve the user-experience by using new digital strategies to further satisfy the stakeholders.

The purpose of the transformation was to build a new platform in support of a Sitecore experience as well as improve the user-experience and mobile-friendly interfaces.

After Comprehensive analytical & data driven studies taking in account emotions, customer behaviour, attitude, user-person& technical factors, the challenges faced with the former website were found to be target audience exits due to customer journey disruption & technical difficulties users encountered while interacting with the platform.

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