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Creative User Experience

The Ask

Fast Store is set to change the way people shop by bringing in a new level of convenience to end users. Fast Store has partnered with Eroe Consulting to conduct the feasibility study for this endeavor and to create and build the platform.

Fast Store is a mobile application that caters to end users, drivers, store owners, and administrators in all fields of related to commerce. It empowers stores to be part of the supply chain despite their actual footfall. With this app and today’s connectivity, stores with low numbers of customers can compete on equal ground with their high footfall competitors.

Fast Store also offers the unique opportunity to anyone with a valid driving license and a proven record of good driving conduct to register as Fast Store drivers. These drivers can maintain a stable income by connecting consumers with stores through a delivery service.

The order process

Just imagine, as you sit at home and watch your favorite TV show, groceries, home supplies, and anything else that your family may need gets delivered directly to your doorstep. Repeat customers, can re-order their favorite items with just a click of a button. If your order is for something that you would need in the future, no issues – simply choose the date and the time of delivery and your items will arrive as stipulated.

The Approach

Prior to securing investors, Fast Shop wanted to make sure that the project would be successful. Eroe Consulting has been tasked with developing this project from start to finish. As per our normal company practice, we have applied our standard approach methodologies.

Business strategy

Conduct market research and create the feasibility study as a stepping stone to define the strategy, the business, and operational models


Define all touch and pain points to guide the conceptualization phase


Conceptualize the solution and create a requirement catalogue


Define the user experience


Define the tone, look, and feel of the platform


Connect all touch points, integrate, optimize and deploy


Tests & apply fixes, user acceptance testing, and fine-tuning

Release to market

Beta release, enhancements based on feedback, grand release

The work

In this application, we use technology to enhance the long-established tradition of shopping. We provide an easier, faster and more reliable way for consumers to complete their shopping. Through this application, products will be delivered in under an hour, without customers having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

The color pallet and visual identity

The aesthetic identity was developed based on three elements: simplicity, logic, and feedback

  • #ff0566
  • #fd9438
  • #8cbb3b
  • #3b3c4d
Museo Sans
Avenir Next
The technology

We have created a highly organized and efficient eco-system that connects customers and store owners together with drivers and Fast Shop’s administrative staff.

The Results

The platform has proven to be a technological breakthrough and a huge success. The results show that end-users can save 60 minutes of their time per week by using this platform to purchase groceries and other household products. Each household’s overall carbon footprint will also be decreased as the use of the application will also decrease the number of cars on the roads. To top it all off, this app will bring a new level of comfort and ease to everyone’s life.

User Side App

Catalog & Order
Product Items & Subcategories Tabs

Cart Indicator

Order List

Unique Icons
Driver Side App

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