Decoding the Future of Money: Fintech, Digital assets and Transformed currencies

In this episode of “Business Transformation Explained” that aired on 30th July 2020, we sat down with experts Patrick Campos, CSO Securrency, Bill Ashlock, Founder Bosa Advisors to discuss where the future of money is heading to.

The modern world is defined by expanding and deepening digital connectivity. Smart products, expanding mobile data networks and ever-more-powerful application technologies mean that people now live and spend differently. With the increased need for contactless payments, the rise of digital literacy amongst users and the convenience of fast-online-service, the regulators and the fintech space is on a race to find the best solutions to meet the demand for disruption and the need for data security and transparency. Watch now the full episode hosted by EROE’s CEO Daniel Solomon and moderated by Digital Thought Leader, Kareem Monem.