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Lerevent Corporate Branding

Manifesting a Dream

Creative User Experience


Lerevent, launched in 2017 is a vibrant and budding event planning company specialising in event management, brand activations, team building workshops in addition to hospitality consultancy and hospitality management services.

When Leverent approached Eroe Consulting to assist with launching the brand in France, the challenge was to:

  • Create an effective, engaging brand strategy and value proposition to express Leverent’s vision of ‘creating memorable experiences that evoke emotions, shape opinions and produce the finest events for the most respected clients across multiple industries’
  • Develop a new corporate identity along with creative elements to communicate the company’s brand essence and value propositions with its audiences
  • Ensure a seamless brand experience across the multitude of touch point that make up the Lerevent’s user journey

Working closely with the Leverent team, Eroe Consulting assisted in providing clarity and perspective about the stages of the project’s process, along with the direction that would ultimately lay the platform for the creation of Leverant’s brand assets.


The objective of this phase was to define who Leverent is, what Leverent does, how Leverent delivers its services and why Leverent does what they do; to gain insight into the company’s core business and brand ambitions. This allowed Eroe to gain an understanding about Lerevent that provided and insight into the key business practices and brand challenges; in order determine the scope of the project requirements.

Research & Insights

The processes and actions of Eroe in this phase were to provide Lerevent a review of the local market, competitors, customer needs and drivers along with best industry practices. Eroe conducted a gap analysis and review of available data provided by the client. Multiple workshops were held to distil the work undertaken into key insights that would influence brand development in the next phases of the project.


Following the research and insights phase, Eroe & Lerevent focused on conceptualising potential solutions and propositions that address the key objectives realised in the discovery phase. These potential solutions act as manifestations of the direction the brand can take through visual representation; including photography, typography, colour, graphic elements, tone of voice and strategic approach (values, essence for example). The approved propositions formed the basis for rollout of brand assets and touch points ( brand collateral, brand messaging, digital environments and brand strategy tools.)


Eroe Consulting worked closely with the Lerevent team to develop a brand name that demonstrably communicated strong synergies and commitment to producing their client’s ‘dream events’. Eroe Consulting defined a set of naming evaluation criteria that facilitated the decision making process and applied the criteria to the names presented to management team. Names passed through a series of screening processes until the name Lerevent was selected as an ingenious combination of the French word ‘Le Rêve’ (the dream) and the English word ‘Event’.


Based on the approved brand proposition in the envisioning phase, Eroe refined the visual system, user experience and tone of voice through the development of various brand applications. Eroe created the Leverent brand mark to communicate both emotional and functional and self expressive benefits for the user. Association -rich symbols of the brand establish the brand essence and reinforce the functional benefit associations that covey a wholistic approach to manifesting dream occasions for its clients.

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