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A Digital Occasion

Creative User Experience


Lerevent, a new event management company in Nice, France, has aimed to challenge the status quo to greatly enhance and tailor the experience for persons wanting to create events and participate in bespoke travel activities.

Having successfully delivered Lerevent’s entire brand identity system, Eroe’s goal was to craft a digital platform to announce the new brand, create excitement, share insights and provide essential and interactive content to visitors looking for curated and personalised experiences.

  • Working closely with Lerevent, Eroe Consulting developed a new approach to displaying and generating content for users. Captivating imagery relevant to each users’ aspirations were implemented to provide a truly immersive experience. The user interface was designed to enhance awareness of the region and provide easy access to multiple areas of interest.
  • Eroe Consulting incorporated a powerful search engine into Lerevent’s responsive digital platform allowing users to navigate through destinations, activities and find inspiration from other travellers and events.
  • Additional functionalities to be integrated into the platform include travel planning tools that assist visitors with route planning, itineraries, hosting and accommodations. Additionally, custom event planning tools for weddings, conventions and larger public events will be incorporated.

Working closely with the Lerevent team, Eroe Consulting assisted in providing clarity and perspective about the stages of the project’s process, along with the direction that would ultimately lay the platform for the creation of Lerevent’s most critical digital asset.


Eroe Consulting worked with Lerevent as the technical liaison for this project to gauge both scope and complexity of the backend developmental needs. Multiple workshops were held to unearth all the requirements and ascertain the design goals of the digital platform, traffic goals, sales methods alongside product and service highlights.

Research & Insights

The objective of this phase was to use the information Eroe Consulting had gathered about Lerevent for the creation of its overall brand identity to identify business objectives for the digital platform and strategies towards elaborating Lerevent’s value propositions online. The data would form the basis for project requirements and form the top level implementation strategy.


Throughout the the process, this project was defined by a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach. Eroe Consulting conducted close quarter brainstorming sessions with a bevy of employee groups towards envisioning what the desired short, medium and long term outcomes of the digital platform would be. The envisioning stage was also focused on the core scenarios of travellers and event clients, solving roadblocks and formulating the purest digital experience possible.


Responsive design is now the industry standard for web design, but it hasn’t always been this way. Lerevent chose to partner with Eroe Consulting because of our pedigree in this area to build the first truly responsive event and travel management platform to cater to modern travel needs and tastes. Eroe Consulting prioritised a complete rethink of the travel booking experience in order to seamlessly integrate features for conversion rates, repeat visits, mobility and curated activities in a holistic and enjoyable to use interface. As an experience the focus of the platform’s design was to use geolocation data and curative tie-ins to deliver a handful of contextually relevant packages for users.


Based on the lighthearted but energetic visual tone of the Lerevent brand, Eroe Consulting carefully formulated the visual system for this digital platform that would compliment and maximise Lerevent’s overall brand identity. Optimised content, eye catching photos and videos relevant to the lifestyle of Lerevent’s audience make a strong impression, provide a compelling experience and invite visitors to ‘live out their dream’ and experience new destinations through this platform.


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges Eroe Consulting faced was the technology behind the solution to Lerevent’s cutting edge digital platform. Careful and collaborative implementation was required to bring the platform’s identity to life. Lerevent technology team worked with Eroe Consulting’s developers from beginning to end and understood what was required to manifest the vision in ‘real life’. Dogfooding the design and testing incrementally with internal groups and larger external groups such as selected business and thought leaders in the industry helped the team to refine performance goals, address any functionality gaps and build moment for final launch.

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