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Life without Google Maps left many with too many turns, now it’s time you know how busy stores are in real-time and save time.

Опубликовано: November 23, 2016 в 21:59


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The update will allow you to see, the availability of those places you love to visit, but are over crowded mostly during the holiday period.

The move takes after Google’s past ‘Popular Times’ version that gives users a chance to see popular times of organizations and destinations in Search and Maps. Google likewise says it is adding the capacity to perceive to what extent individuals generally remain at a given location, particular business hours. The first expansion provides quick information on exactly how busy the place you’re thinking about going to right now is.

Furthermore, Google introduced a feature with Search and Maps that will give users a chance to plan an itinerary better as seen below.

The highlight utilizes anonymized location information from other Google user, and also inquiries and investigate how busy a place is right then and there. Besides the “Live” tag, Maps is now able to display a red cover on top of the important busy period information, which shows if the location is busy or quiet during the usual time.

The update is expected to be released before the busy Black Friday shopping, for those who will like to plan their shopping trips. And also useful during the Thanksgiving holiday, so family, friends, and lovers could check out whether a particular restaurant, bar, or cinema is overcrowded, and also suggest alternatives.