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We’re launching “Business Transformation Explained” Webinar Series

Опубликовано: June 23, 2020 в 15:38


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EROE is launching a series of industry education webinars to support the business communities to access expert insights about the processes of business transformation. In the last decade, experts predicted and advocated toward the need for business transformation across industries with major shifts from an offline economy to a digital one. In the context of a global pandemic, 2020 confronted traditionally successful businesses with the urgency of transformation. “Business Transformation Explained” is set to launch on 30th June 2020.

Our insights found that customer behaviour has changed dramatically from the start of the pandemic, witnessing a major shift in the buying priorities and corporate priorities. With working from home becoming a necessity during the global lockdown, the majority of the businesses are reevaluating their strategies from team deployment, offerings and customer acquisition.

“The transformation fueled by the current pandemic accelerated major changes in consumer behaviour offline and online. Covid-19, as a catalyst, aggressively transformed the business environment. We feel that now more than ever we need to take the fad term ‘business transformation’ from abstract to practicality and help as many businesses understand the circumstances.” ’ said Daniel Solomon, CEO of EROE and host of the webinar series.

The first edition of the webinar series themed “ Future Arrived: 2020 Accelerating Business Transformation” will have as expert guest speaker the Digital Visionary Kareem Monem. With over 20 years’ experience on the international stage, working with a variety of multinationals and also startups to provide digital vision and empower internal leadership teams to embrace the digital-first culture sweeping the world. Kareem’s ethos is very much on the ‘End User’, believing that Experience is the only true differentiator in the Digital world today. The first edition of the webinar is set for 30th June 2020 starting 3 PM Dubai time and registrations are now open.